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Scientific integrity embodies a commitment to ethical standards and responsible research practices, emphasizing core principles like reliability, honesty, respect, and accountability.


We are dedicated to revitalizing global research with transformative leadership and innovative solutions.


Our mission is centered on uniting organizations in the spirit of integrity, amplifying our collective impact, and guiding researchers toward ethical and responsible practices.


Championing Collaboration and Curating Networks

We actively seek and recognize organizations and institutes that resonate with our ethos, uniting them under a common goal of upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity. By maintaining an extensive directory of like-minded entities, we cultivate a network characterized by excellence and trust.


Fostering Synergistic Partnerships and

Amplifying Global Voices

We provide a dynamic platform for our partners to engage and collaborate effectively, enhancing the collective impact of our efforts. Our role as facilitators extends to amplifying the voices of our community, ensuring that the principles of scientific integrity reach a global audience, and encouraging the widespread adoption of ethical and responsible research practices.


Cultivating Integrity and Nurturing Future Researchers

We are dedicated to embedding a culture of integrity within the scientific community and equipping the next generation of researchers with the necessary tools and mindset. Emphasizing critical thinking, comprehensive research training, and a commitment to Open Science principles, we strive to fortify the foundation of scientific inquiry.

The logo of the Science Integrity Alliance symbolizes our mission to foster confidence and collaboration.

The geometric triangles represent the collective strength of our community and our aspirational progress in research integrity. The prominent triangle underscores the individual's contribution to our shared goals of excellence, trust, and ethical research.

A message from our founder

Luciana A. C. Machado, Founder and Executive Director

From my earliest days in research, I have been committed to openness, transparency, and collaboration through practices such as preregistration, open access publication, engaging in replication/reproduction studies, and sharing data. These experiences not only shaped my approach to science but also laid the foundation for the Science Integrity Alliance.

The Alliance is our collective effort to instigate a cultural shift toward greater scientific integrity globally. We aim to confront and overcome challenges that currently contribute to a fragile trust in science. By fostering a community that values integrity, we aspire to ensure that rigor and openness are not just encouraged but are fundamental to all scientific work. I warmly invite you to join this mission and be part of a movement reshaping the landscape of research for a future where integrity is at the heart of all scientific endeavors.

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